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Seminole Express

GO Gold

Stops Wait Times
Routes Stop Details
Gold (Bus A)
GO High Rd. @ Polo Club NB (Stop Code: SMU0381) 19 mins
GO High Rd./Continental Ave NB (Stop Code: SMU0391) 20 mins
GO High Rd @ High Ct NB (Stop Code: SMU0401) 20 mins
GO High Rd/Tharpe St NB (Stop Code: SMU0411) 20 mins
GO Ocala Rd. @ Godby SB (Stop Code: SMU0352) 23 mins
GO Ocala and Rumba SB (Stop Code: SMU0362) 24 mins
GO Ocala Rd./Continental Ave SB (Stop Code: SMU0372) 24 mins
GO Ocala Rd. @ Osceola Ridge SB (Stop Code: SMU0382) 25 mins
GO Tennessee @ Varsity Plaza EB (Stop Code: SMA0302) 28 mins
GA, GO, HG West Call St. @ Forest Hills EB (Stop Code: SMU0181) 29 mins
GA, GO, HG W. Call St./Chapel Dr. EB (Stop Code: SMU0191) 30 mins
GA, GO, HG W. Call St @ University View EB (Stop Code: FSU140) 30 mins
GO, OS Stadium/Spirit Way SB (Stop Code: FSU128) 32 mins
GA, GO, HG, IN, OS, RG, TO University Center Bldg C (UCC) (Stop Code: SMU0002) 36 mins
Vehicle Arriving Next At:
GA, GO, HG, IN, OS, RG, TO University Center Bldg A (UCA) (Stop Code: SMU0012) <1 & 40 mins
GO, RG Jefferson @ Ragan Hall EB (Stop Code: U0101) 2 & 42 mins
GO, RG Jefferson @ Dorman Hall EB (Stop Code: SMU2655) 3 & 44 mins
GO, RG Jefferson @ Dodd Hall EB (Stop Code: SMU365) 4 & 45 mins
GO, RG Westcott Building NB (Stop Code: SMF0131) 5 & 46 mins
GO, RG W. Call St/Convocation WB (Stop Code: SMU0081) 7 & 48 mins
GO, RG Call St./Dewey WB (Stop Code: SMU0092) 8 & 48 mins
GO, RG Union Bus Stop WB (Stop Code: SMU0072) 9 & 50 mins
GO, RG Academic Way/Antarctic WB (Stop Code: SMU0062) 10 & 51 mins
GO, RG Murphree St/W. Call St. SB (Stop Code: FSU141) 13 & 53 mins
GA, GO Tennessee St./Buena Vista Dr. WB (Stop Code: SMA0292) 17 & 57 mins